The process

This is a step by step description from booking to receiving photos.


Contact me through email or calling my mobile number. Contact information is on the home page.  My schedule is pretty open in the summer since I teach, but during the school year is a little more tricky.


Let me know what you have in mind.  When, what, and who.  I can recommend places to shoot, but very open to places of your own.  I prefer working with natural light but have the ability to work indoors if you would like. 

The Shoot

I'm a pretty casual guy and try to have fun while taking photos.  I'm open to ideas and will work hard to get what you want and more.  I do expect payment for the session at the time of the session.


I will select and hand edit your photos and will take care of imperfections.  I have my own style, but if you want a certain look or style I'm open to changes.  Normally it takes 2 to 6 weeks to complete.    

Viewing and editing

I will upload the photos to for your viewing.  Let me know if you want any changes and I will do my best.

Ordering Prints and USB

On my website create a login name and password so you can order prints.  You will be able to select what photos, how many, and even how you would like to crop the image.  You will even have products available such as poster prints, cards, canvases, cups, shirts, and just about anything you can think of.   After you place an order you should expect it in less than a week.  Please place an order within 21 days after viewing the pictures.

If you would like a USB flash drive with all the digital images and the right to print, post, and archive that option is available to seniors, weddings, and small families.  The cost varies so please visit the wedding, families, and senior page for pricing.  

If you have any questions please contact me.